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Publisher: Umělecká agentura THOMAS s.r.o., THOMAS MUSIC PUBLISHING PRAGUE®

Co-publisher: National museum – Museum of Czech music – Museum of Antonín Dvořák

Issue: 1000 numbered pieces

Authors of the commentary: PhDr. Jarmil Burghauser, revision and actualization PhDr. Milan Kuna DrCS.

Epilogue: PhDr. Markéta Hallová

Translations of the commentary: Prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Kirschner (English text), PhDr. Magdalena Havlová (German text), Miki Eri (Japanese text)



Scanning: The pictures used for this issue were made by the AiP Beroun s.r.o. company in the digital photographic  studio in National Library of the Czech republic in Klementinum. The culture treasures of libraries, museums and archives in the Czech republic are converted there into the digitalized forms. The rising electronic documents open up the unique heritage of the past and keep down the usage of the originals.

The extra attention is dedicated to protect the documents against any contrarious effects when photographing. The nascent digital picturers run over the requirements of the top printing with their characters and bring the dead spit of the original.

For the duplication of the picturers the following tools of the UNESCO projects “Memory of the world” and  “Memoriae mundi series Bohemica” ( were used.

Price: 300



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